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20th International Sunflower Conference, 2022

The congress organizers as well as IFVCNS and the ISA board and management invite the entire sunflower community to participate actively in the upcoming ISC 2020 and to submit proposals for individual lectures, posters and panel discussions.

Therefor you are very welcome to submit your own contribution (oral presentation or poster) to present at the ISC 2020. There will be several different topics. Within your submission you can choose the subject area which frames your presentation/your poster best.


Submission Guidelines

Please use the provided templates when preparing your submission. To ensure maximum participation, each attendee is allowed to have no more than two contributions.

The ISC committee will contact you for further information during the process of selection and for confirmation details. The conference language is English. The program committee will decide whether the contribution has been accepted for oral or poster presentation type after the submission process is over. Only participants of the congress may deliver speeches and submit poster contributions.

For registration please visit: on line registration form – Online registration is closed

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us:

Abstract Submission Deadline: 10 December 2021

Paper Submission Deadline: 20 March 2022


Sunflower for 21st century – Innovations for sustainability in changing environment

1. Breeding – New/old breeding goals and challenges

2. Oils and proteins​ – Innovations for increased quality and feedstock supply

3. Confectionery sunflower – Emerging crop

4. Genetic resources – Investment for the future

5. Biotic stress resistance – New and emerging pests and diseases

6. Crop production and modeling – Yield stability in changing environment

7. Abiotic stress resistance – Challenges of changing environment

8. Economy and market – Trends and prospects

9. Broomrape – Constant challenge

10. Bees and seeds – Exploring new venues for increased yield and seed production

Journal publishing options

We are delighted to inform you that participants of the Conference will have the option to publish their full papers in the Agronomy-Basel  journal (ISSN 2073-4395; SCIE, 2018 IF 2.259) that has offered a possibility to publish papers from the Conference.

Besides Agronomy, several scientific journals are supporting the event like the OCL, Plants, Helia and Ratarstvo i povrtarstvo.

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Conference Contact Address

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