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In 1938, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia founded in Novi Sad an agricultural research and control station which, over time, grew into Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops. Presently, the numerous breeding programs and efficient extension service place IFVCNS in the forefront of the Serbian and international agricultural science.

The fundamental and applied research programs are primarily centered on the development of field and vegetable crop cultivars including forage and industrial crops, medicinal plants and spice herbs. The breeding programs place emphasis on high yielding capacity, tolerance to major diseases and resistance to unfavorable biotic and non-biotic factors. Work on special-purpose cultivars receives due attention. In addition to the breeding of new cultivars, IFVCNS provides a complete production technology for each cultivar. In short, IFVCNS extension service provides farmers with superior seed and detailed recommendations for soil preparation, other cultivation practices and crop protection measures.

So far, over 1000 cultivars of field and vegetable crops have been developed at IFVCNS. Of that number, almost 500 have been registered and commercially grown abroad. The IFVCNS places its cultivars on the most demanding foreign markets through commercial seed sales, parent seed sales and license agreements. The IFVCNS cultivars compete for their place at seed markets of 26 countries, from Argentina, through EU countries, Ukraine and Russia, to China and India.

IFVCNS has a formidable team of more than 100 highly qualified and experienced researchers, 70 of them with Ph.D. degree. They are assisted by over 300 specialists of various profiles. Their joint efforts provide guarantee of quality for everything that the Institute offers: seed, technology, services, training.

Placing emphasis on continual development, IFVCNS maintains the international standards of quality management ISO 9001 and environmental protection management ISO 14001, both certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI).

IFVCNS is a public Institute operating under auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development. In that capacity, IFVCNS carries out government-sponsored national projects and takes part in various international projects. Besides organizing 20th International Sunflower Conference in 2020 the same year IFVCNS is organizing XI World Soybean Research Conference, the first of that kind ever in Europe.

Beside research, IFVCNS develops its commercial sector, meaning that it functions both as a scientific institute and seed company. IFVCNS has created a new trade mark “NS seme” (NS Seed) that has already become a synonym for the quality and high yield. “NS seme” became recognizable brand name from Serbia, and one of the best export products. The interest for cultivation of NS cultivars is constantly growing, especially in the Eastern Europe.

IFVCNS is considered a pioneer in introduction of new cultivation practices and plant traits in sunflower production. One of the largest collections of wild sunflower species in the world is a part of IFVCNS sunflower prebreeding program. The breeding efforts resulted with a portfolio of more than 600 registered hybrids in more than 25 countries.

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