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20th International Sunflower Conference, 2022

Delegates must register for the event before applying for a VISA. Once you have registered for the meeting and as soon as we receive your conference fee, the ISC 2020 conference office will send you a binding confirmation of participation. This document can be used for visa application (if required). 

For more information on visa requirements, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Serbia. Please keep in mind that a visa application may take some time to be processed. Apply for the visa early on to ensure its approval before the congress begins. Check with your local embassy what sort of documents are necessary in your specific case. 

Health insurance

Congress participants who require a visa to enter Serbia must provide evidence of travel health insurance. There is no legal requirement for participants who do not require a visa to take out international health insurance, but such insurance ensures significant cost-savings in case of emergency.

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